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The Garden Club of Danville
The Garden Club of Danville has been in continuous existence since 1937. Club members are women and men who love to design, grow things, or create outdoor spaces.
Mrs. Dena Shelby Diehl
Mrs. Ralph Wyatt
Mrs. McBrayer Moore
Mrs. Rice Cowan
Mrs. W.P. Caldwell
Mrs. C.K. Oldham
Mrs. Nelson Rodes
Mrs. Rodes Read
Mrs. O.N. Sellers
Mrs. J.D. Erskine
Mrs. Logan Caldwell
Mts. Bisset Clay
Mrs. W.R. Sutherland
Mrs. William Balden
Mrs. Dudley Bryant, Jr.
Mrs. P.H. Best
Mrs. Leon Woodrow
Miss Mary Cromwell Rodes
Mrs. B.T. Griffin
Mrs. J.H. Walkup
Mrs. Joe Wallace
Mrs. W.O. Payne
Mrs. Hugh G. Hines, Jr. (Marji)
Mrs. Jack Stith
Mrs. Floyd H. Starr
Mrs. Lewis N. Neale, Jr.
Mrs. George Perros (Theresa)
Mrs. Don Houy (Madrene)
Mrs. John Frazer and Mrs. Lewis N. Neale, Jr.
Mrs. Robert K. Lewis, Jr. (Wendy)
Mrs. George Perros (Theresa)
Janis Pennington Scott
Virginia Ragland Biles
Joanna Dunlap Kirby
Terry and Linda Taylor
Katherine Cliburn Arnold
Bonnie T. Tanner
Sarah Gover Wiltsee
Frances W. Halloran