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The Garden Club of Danville
Members of the Concern for Others/Garden Therapy Committee meet about once a quarter with the Cancer Support Group at the Cancer Center to share a meal and engage in a garden-related craft activity. Our Committee plans the project and provides the materials.

The objective of this activity is to bring temporary relief to those with cancer through the diversion of garden related projects. Since 2012, the committee has presented quarterly project sessions for patients and family members in the support group. In a group session, the participants work on projects which are small in nature and can be accomplished in a casual setting with the guidance of committee members.

Members of The Cancer Support Group are cancer patients, survivors, or family members of those touched by cancer. The group is led by devoted nurses and since 2012 the Garden Glub has been honored to be a partner.

In 2014 & 2015, supporting funds have been donated by The Presbyterian Church of Danville. The project has earned public praise and quiet appreciation and will be continued for the foreseeable future.